Monday, September 24, 2018

A Birthday Celebration and A Mustard Seed

This past Friday, Bobby, Emily, and I traveled to Kentucky to celebrate his aunt's 85th birthday. His sister also drove his mother down from Ohio, so she too could share in her sister's mile stone. It started out as a lovely weekend. Bobby's cousin put us up, his aunt was pleasantly surprised at all the unexpected guests, and his cousin went all out cooking us a fabulous dinner. Saturday was to be the bigger party with family and friends, but part way through the day, my mother-in-law had a stroke.

Thankfully, the Good Lord had a plan, and my sister-in-law noticed right away and took her to the emergency room. Bobby, who had been on his way home from a car show with his cousin's husband, were able to meet them at the hospital, and the rest of us showed up shortly after sending the party guests home.

As we sat in the waiting room, I prayed that the Lord would have mercy on us and not take Emily's only remaining grandparent home. Finally, after what seemed like an infinitely long time, they told us that it had been a mild stroke, and she was already recovering.

And wouldn't you know that when we arrived home and I checked my book pile for something to review, I found a beautiful book titled The Marvelous Mustard Seed which described how God's Kingdom is like a tiny mustard seed that is barely noticeable at first but with a little watering turns into a huge mustard tree that is unable to be missed.

So as I sit here thinking about God's plan for us, I can see that the small and unnoticeable fact that my mother-in-law decided to travel, a woman who hasn't traveled to see her sister in over three years because of other health issues and would normally have been sitting home alone on a Saturday, was put in motion by him. Because she chose to make the trip, she was with family who helped her get immediate attention, and she is still here with us!

P. S. We did manage to still celebrate with Bobby's Aunt even though it turned out to be just family.

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