World Geography Worksheets

As a home school mom, I often search the internet for free printables. And when it becomes difficult to find what I need, I make my own. Recently my daughter and I have been studying world geography, European countries to be exact; and I thought it would be nice to post the worksheets I've created in a place where others would be able to use them as well. I have also created imitation stamps for the passport we created to go with our studies. So below are the worksheets I've completed so far. I will add new countries as I'm able. Enjoy!

Passport Stamps


Vatican City (Micro Country)

Monaco (Micro Country)

San Marino (Micro Country)

Liechtenstein (Micro Country)

Malta (Micro Country)

Andorra (Micro Country)

Luxembourg (Micro Country)

Cyprus (Micro Country)

Kosovo (Micro Country)

Montenegro (Micro Country)







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