Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fifty things most people don't know about me!

1. I have been to the Hawaiian Islands three times.

2. I was the North Central State College Student Scholar of the year in 2003.

3. I like to eat peanut butter and Hershey's chocolate syrup on my vanilla ice cream.

4. I gave birth to my daughter at home with a midwife.

5. I home schooled my best friends children through high school about eight years ago.

6. I don 't like to eat bananas once they get brown spots.

7. Red is my favorite color.

8. I'm fine in planes, boats, submarines, roller coasters, and cars, but helicopters make me want
to vomit!

9. I make a great New York style cheesecake and my no bake chocolate cheesecake is good too.

10. My husband and I honestly did not know we were naming our daughter after the little girl on Clifford.

11. I hate working in retail.

12. I love to visit West Virginia Where my dad was born.

11. I was born in Oakland, California just like my mom.

13. I am a cat person who tolerates dogs.

14. My daughter thinks it's amazing that my eyes are hazel and change color.

15. I don't have religion, I have a relationship with God and his son.

16. I've only ever had one speeding ticket and that was the day I picked up my wedding dress.

17. I can not wear shoes without backs; they just fly off my feet.

18. I love Ford trucks.

19. I still don't own a cellular phone.

20. I love old movies, especially musicals and pretty much anything from the 50's.

21. My music tastes are eclectic: Bluegrass, Jazz, Instrumental, Big Band, Golden Oldies, Steel
Drums, Gospel, 80's, yodeling, Oriental, Spanish, Indian, Classical, but never rap or heavy

22. I used to have a reoccurring dream that included Vincent Price (yes, it was scary).

23. When I was younger, my mother said she was going to buy me humor in a can because she
believed I had no sense of humor.

24. My brother spent every summer at the pool, I spent every summer at the library.

25. I only own one purse and five pairs of shoes.

26. I don't like cereal when it get soggy.

27. I like to refinish antique furniture.

28. Once upon a time I went to many, many auctions.

29. I dream of seeing Alaska some day.

30. Flower Gardening and weeding is my therapy.

31. I love green vegetables like lettuce, greens, broccoli, asparagus, and celery.

32. My mom taught me to sew when I was nine and I made a pair of red fuzzy pj's.

33. I love to put puzzles together.

34. My biggest pet peeve is people who are not on time.

35. I love to read children's mysteries from the 40's and 50's.

36. My mother's descendants left Ohio and ended up in California while we left California and
ended up in Ohio.

37. There are over four hundred movies at my house and I have alphabetized most of them.

38. Cardinals and Yellow House Finches are my favorite backyard birds.

39. I have pierced ears but hardly ever remember to wear my earrings.

40. I love to watch Survivor, CSI, NCIS, The Closer, and the Mentalist.

41. I will kill spiders, but only if I have a shoe handy.

42. I love board games like scrabble, monopoly, sorry, checkers, chess, etc...

43. Once when I was younger I accidentally wore two different shoes to school. (Hey it was dark
when I put them on!)

44. I would love to meet either Bill Cosby, James Garner, or Richard Dean Anderson.

45. Even if I were wealthy, I would still love to bargain shop.

46. I think it would be fun to go up in a hot air balloon.

47. The book I remember best from high school literature is Silas Mariner.

48. Daisies are my favorite flower.

49. It is more important to me for a man to smell really good then to look really good.

50. And last but not least, I think kids who can read can do anything!