Saturday, November 23, 2013

Reaching Out For Help

The thing about being an author is that you can't manage alone. You have to have someone willing to publish your book, you have to have fans who want to read your book, you have to have reviewers who are willing you share your book, You have to have family and friends to support you and cheer you on, etc...

That is why I'm reaching out to everyone today. My book, Fern Valley, is a finalist in the Author SdB book cover contest. I would love to win the best cover in the children's category, but I need your votes. So if you think my cover is nice and worthy of a vote, please stop by the SdB site and click on the stars under my book cover. Clicking on the stars under my cover will activate your vote.

Signing off for now with wishes for a bright and beautiful day!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Just A Hoppin' Around

Once again I have been invited to a children's blog hop, but unlike the last time (I'm sighing and blushing now), this time, I remembered to post. For this particular hop, I was invited to participate by the very sweet Angie Churney, author of the Writing On The Sly blog. Please be sure to stop by her site and leave her a little comment love.

As with most hops, when the host is introduced it is then time for the new hopper (me) to answer some writing questions. So with out further ado, I will dive right in.

What are you working on right now?

Now that November has arrived, I am getting ready to start the production process for the sequel to Fern Valley which is titled Return To Fern Valley. For those of you not familiar with the publishing process, I begin with editing. My editor will make suggestions and it is up to me to follow through and make corrections. From there, I will move onto various stages like working with my illustrator, cover designer, layout designer, and last but not least, the final editing stage. I am also working on the third book in the Fern valley series in hopes of having it ready for publishing possibly next fall.

How does your writing process work?

My writing process isn't really a process at all. Unlike what all the trendy articles tell you, I do not write daily, I do not set aside specific times every day, week, or month to write. I do not use outlines. Basically,  I only write when I feel inspired. I do most of my writing after my daughter goes to bed or while she is at school because these are the two times of maximum quiet. If I try to write while she is home and awake, I hear a constant whine which sounds something like this, "How much longer are you going to be on the computer. Are you done yet? You are always on the computer." You can probably imagine now, why I choose those specific times to write!

.Who are authors that you most admire? 

I admire many, many authors both living and dead. Of those who have long ceased to be, I admire Samuel Clemons, otherwise know as Mark Twain, quite a bit. I  have also been know to gush about Phyllis A Whitney,  and  George Elliot aka. Mary Anne Evans. Of those still with us, I very much admire the books of new author, Laura Eckroat, the ever so famous, Tommie dePaola, and my friend from across the pond, Joyce Dunbar.

Where do you turn for instruction and inspiration?

I  turn to fellow authors for instruction. Those well seasoned veterans not adverse to sharing their wealth of knowledge. And since I do indeed believe in paying it forward, I also willingly pass on the tid-bits of wisdom I acquire on my journey. As for inspiration, that comes from almost anywhere: my childhood, my daughter, my cats, music, nature, even the strange dreams my besties share with me.

Well now that you know more about me, possibly more then you ever wanted to know, it is time to pass the torch to my fellow hoppers.

Please be sure to check out my fellow children's authors Gailya Keller and Pat Brannon as they continue the hop.

Gailya is the author of  The Secret Of Smiley Woods and her blog can be found at So, the other day I was thinking.


Pat is the author of many books, including Has A Donkey Ever Brought You Breakfast In Bed, and her blog can be found at Pat's Blog.

And just in case you are wondering where I get my beautiful, free, clip-art,  I use the excellent work of Phillip Martin. So be sure to stop by his lovely site as well.

Signing of for now with wishes for a bright and beautiful day!