Monday, January 13, 2014

A Messed Up Wedding

My daughter's school has Accelerated Reading. This means that the children must read books, each which is given a certain number of points or partial points, and then they test on that book. Each child has a point goal and must read books to equal or surpass their goal. Emily has already doubled her goal, but her personal desire is to have more points then the other children in her class. Two other students area little ahead of her, so she is trying hard to catch up.

So, this morning she read me a book by Elsepth Campbell Murphey who writes mystery series for children. This particular book was from the Ten Commandments Series and was called The Mystery Of The Messed-Up Wedding.

Although she brought home three mysteries from this particular series, she said this one looked the most interesting. That might have something to do with a little girls dreams and visions of romantic weddings. I know I was certainly intrigued by the cover which prominently featured a beautiful wedding cake with an upside-down bride and groom.

I don't know about you, but an upside-down bride and groom would certainly qualify as a good start to messing up a wedding. And an unusual cake wasn't the only strange thing happening at the wedding about to take place . There was also the bride's missing ring and the matter of the popped balloons. But of course, the mystery party pooper was no match for the three cousins, Timothy, Titus, and Sarah Jane who as always save the day and catch the culprit.

As Emily read this book to me, I thought of the two weddings for which I made cakes. Thankfully these weren't messed-up weddings and although not professional, the cakes turned out quite nicely. And despite all the shenanigans, the wedding in the book turned out quite nicely as well.


Signing off for now with wishes for a bright and beautiful day!

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