Saturday, November 23, 2013

Reaching Out For Help

The thing about being an author is that you can't manage alone. You have to have someone willing to publish your book, you have to have fans who want to read your book, you have to have reviewers who are willing you share your book, You have to have family and friends to support you and cheer you on, etc...

That is why I'm reaching out to everyone today. My book, Fern Valley, is a finalist in the Author SdB book cover contest. I would love to win the best cover in the children's category, but I need your votes. So if you think my cover is nice and worthy of a vote, please stop by the SdB site and click on the stars under my book cover. Clicking on the stars under my cover will activate your vote.

Signing off for now with wishes for a bright and beautiful day!

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