Thursday, May 2, 2013

One Author's Journey To SOKY And Back: Part 4

One would think that my Sunday journey home after the book fest would have been an uneventful thing, but just the opposite was true. After breakfasting with Mark Wayne Adams, my favorite illustrator, and Deborah Gaynor, the creator of Readers Favorite, I quickly packed my things and headed out.

As I was driving down the interstate, I began to think about an unusual dream my friend Amanda told me about during our lunch on Friday. It was actually quite funny and as I continued to think about it, a picture book idea began to form in my mind. Amanda being from Tennessee gave me the added inspiration to make the picture book with a definite Southern flair. 

Not wanting wreck my car on a 8 lane interstate, I very carefully removed a notebook and pen from my purse and wrote my ideas down without looking at the paper. I only wrote down main points to remember later and then I put my writing implements away without mishap.

Remembering the road sign for Fern Valley Road, I payed careful attention when driving back through Louisville. When I saw the sign, I exited the interstate and managed to snag a picture of  the actual road sign. Much later in the week after I had arrived home, my friend Lisa Tortorello, a fabulous author in her own right, sent me a doctored picture of the Fern Valley Road sign on the Interstate. I'm not sure what the highway department would think, but I really loved it!

After my brief stop I got back on the interstate and drove for miles, and miles, and miles. I began to see the same beautiful scenery and blooming red bud trees that I had seen on my way down. Not having anyone else to talk to I spoke with God. "I sure wish there was somewhere I could pull off and get some great scenery pictures Lord. But I thank you for the beauty of the day none-the-less!" And, I kept driving.

Somewhere between Louisville and Cincinnati, my GPS had a glitch and told me to turn off on a nearby exit. Forgetting that it was a straight shot to Cincinnati and being used to just following my GPS instructions, I gave that little thought. I only drove about a mile down a very winding two lane country highway before I realized that my GPS had somehow malfunctioned. I figured I would just keep driving ahead until I could find a way back to the interstate. As I drove I found a few beautiful places to pull over and take some scenery pictures.

Shortly after my last picture the road took me right back to the interstate. Divine Intervention or accidental GPS Malfunction. I choose to think God heard my request and loved me enough to answer it. So, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

The rest of my trip was just a normal day's worth of gas stops, rest stops, and lots of driving to get back to my family. Al in all a trip worth remembering and one  I hope you have enjoyed taking with me.

Signing off for now with wishes for a bright and beautiful day!

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