Sunday, April 28, 2013

One Author's Journey To SOKY And Back: Part 3

Saturday came early for me just as Friday had done when I awoke at around 4:00 am and could not go back to sleep. Saturday, after all, was the day that would surely bring some sales. I once again watched television until it was time for breakfast. Fortified for the morning, I then set out for the conference center. I got my pen, sharpies, and paper ready the same as the day before and exuberantly waited for the throngs of people to rush through the doors.

A police officer stood at the end of my aisle and I jokingly asked him if  if he was there to keep people from fighting over our books. He jokingly replied yes, although we both knew he was there to keep overly eager fans from showing excessive love to Mr.Winkler.

I had two extra special highlights that morning. The first was when a mother who had been at the Children's Day event with her daughter returned to my table to purchase a book. After her daughter thoroughly examined it and she decided she wanted it, her mom said, "I knew you would like that book." The second was when a young girl grabbed her friend and said, "You have to come over here and see this lady. She is the best artist ever!" This was indeed great praise since as I mentioned before I can only draw a handful of characters.

My friend Debbie Dadey and I also got to meet the oh so famous SkippyJon Jones. It was a good day and although I did not sell my whole stack of books, I did deplete it by half which is just fine in my book.

After the book fest was over, a local SCBWI chapter invited me to join their meeting. Having just joined last year, I have yet to attend any meetings in my own area so I happily accepted. It was a fun meeting and stayed about a half an hour to forty minutes before leaving. As I left for my hotel I saw a customer reading in a very comfortable lounging area. I spoke to her and  we ended up talking for about two hours. I always find it amazing when I am far from home and I make a connection with someone out of the blue. By then it was getting late so I went back to my hotel and called my family.

After checking up on my husband and daughter, I went out to grab a bite to eat. A wonderful end to a wonderful evening. I went to bed excited for the experiences of the weekend and at the same time, truly grateful to be going home to the family I missed so much.

Signing off for now with wishes for a bright and beautiful day and encouraging you to tune in tomorrow for my final day and journey home!

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