Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Summer's Gone, What Next...

I usually don't go such a long time without blogging, but before I knew it August was gone and September had started. "Where did the summer go?" Is the question I have asked myself more then once. It seems like the previous school year just ended and yet suddenly here I am chauffeuring my daughter to school once again.

And of course with the onslaught of school also came the beginning of harvest. I have been a mad woman these past two weeks canning peaches, making pies, etc... and next week I start canning pears. My to do list just seems to grow with each passing day as well. I need to finish scraping and painting our shed, a project I started at the beginning of summer but had to abandon due to the extreme heat. I need to clean out the garage, repaint my kitchen cupboards, and start my Christmas shopping. I need to cut down all the dead perennials and prepare myself for the leaves that will soon be covering my yard like a golden blanket.

In between the never ending chore list, however; I plan to read and review a few more children's books, I plan to work on another Fern Valley sequel, I plan to market my current book, and I plan on interviewing some Children's/YA authors. So stay tuned because it should prove fun to see what someone besides me thinks about reading, writing, and life in general. Signing off for now with wishes for a bright and beautiful day!