Friday, June 25, 2010

Never Give Up

We have all heard the phrase "Never Give Up" at some point in our lives. And while this may seem like a simple enough concept to practise, it is much more elusive than one might think. Never giving up requires thought, hard work, determination, and did I mention hard work? Oddly enough, patience (not one of my better virtues) seems to go hand in hand with not giving up.

As a writer, persistence and patience are necessities if you want to get published. Just imagine what would have happened if I had thrown in the towel after my first thirty six rejections. That's right, absolutely nothing. But instead of giving up and giving in, I sent my manuscript to one more publisher who happened to see the same possibilities in my work that I did. The very publisher who I am now in contract with and who has opened the doors of yet unknown possibilities to me.

These are the qualities that my husband and I strive to teach our young daughter as well. And whom I might add practises them infinitely better at the tender age of five then does her mother who is over forty. For example, when she was only three she wanted to be able to snap her fingers more than anything else in the world. So we showed her how and told her that the only way to get good at something was to practise and never give up. It was amusing to watch her try over and over again for months until she finally mastered the art. It was not nearly as amusing when she finally learned how and snapped all day and all night. I know you are laughing now, but that much snapping can get on the nerves of even the most patient of saints which you have already learned I am not!

She applied these same lessons when it came to blowing bubbles with her gum, another of her heart's desires, and when it came to whistling. There were times when she got discouraged and wanted to give up. But we would always remind her don't give up you are almost there. As I watch h er learn and grow and practise the things I teach her, I too am encouraged to continue practising what I preach. I am also encouraged to know that the lessons she learns now will stay with her into adulthood and will serve her well. What more could a parent ask for? Signing of for now with wishes for a bright and beautiful day!


  1. Hi Aileen, I'm visiting from ifellowship. Perseverance is such a hard but valuable lesson to learn. In a world when everything seems fast and instant 'try try again' is hard to come by. Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi Aileen,
    I stopped by through the ifellowship blog hop. Love this post. I am now following your blog. :-)

  3. Visiting from iFellowship today. I really enjoyed this post. With two preschoolers at home I hear alot of 'I can't do it', 'It's too hard' and quite honestly sometimes I feel like throwing in the towel as the teacher. But perseverance is such an important trait to learn and me modling it is a great way to teach it.

  4. My daughter is learning this as she takes on sewing. I'm still learning this lesson. :o) Found you at iFellowship. Looking foward to reading your posts. Happy Wednesday! :o)

  5. I am a new follower from iFellowship. Good post!