Monday, October 23, 2017

A Field Trip With Friends

This past week we had the pleasure of taking a field trip with some fellow home school friends. The sun shone brightly, the breeze blew lightly, and we put on our science and history caps as we visited The Olentangy Indian Caverns in Delaware, Ohio.

We saw first hand the capillary action of the water dripping through the bedrock. You know, that mineral laden water that a forms stalactites and stalagmites. I found this to be quite interesting since Emily has just performed a similar experiment for science with salt saturated water.

We also visited the small museum at the entrance to the caverns and learned that the Hopewell Indians (one of the mound building groups of Ohio) had used the caverns back in the day. Another fact we recently read about in our Ohio History.

Emily also took a trip to the petting zoo to spend some time with the pot bellied pig, some goats, and some exotic cows. We even saw some beautiful deer in an other enclosure.

It was a splendid day spent with friends, and it just so happens that one of the books I read this week was about friends as well. A sequel in the Snail and Worm series by Tina Kugler, Snail and Worm Again offers beginning readers three fun stories where Snail and Worm encourage each other and point out each of the other's best qualities.

The second book, What Are You Waiting For, tells a tale of two friends who are waiting. Rabbit is waiting but won't tell Badger what he's waiting for. All day long Badger asks questions trying to figure out what exactly Rabbit won't tell  him. And as the day ends and Badger finally sees the long awaited object he is most excited. It is a very calm book but quite fun!

Well, that about wraps it up for this week. Join me next week for another exciting episode, same crazy time, same crazy channel. Also be sure to drop by Literacy Musings Mondays for more great blogs as well as my personal website Fun With Aileen where you will find more on reading, writing, and my very own chapter and picture books. And finally, you can find me on twitter  @AileenWStewart if you want an extremely brief glimpse into my days.


  1. What a fun field trip! My boys and I love taking field trips. Can you tell me more about your science experiment?? That looks neat.

  2. You need two glasses, salt, green food coloring, two small washers and cotton string. You fill the glasses with water about 3/4 full and add salt until it it stops dissolving. Add a drop of food coloring to each.Tie the washers to the end of the string so the string won't float on the top of the water. Make sure the string dips down between the glasses. A small plate works to catch drips. Then you wait about a week. Capillary action draws the water through the string and when the water drips it leaves behind the salt crystals. This is the same thing that happens in a cave. The dripping water leaves behind the minerals that form stalactites and stalagmites :0)