Monday, July 3, 2017

Taking A Break

This past week was a whirl of activity. I attended my first meeting as a Library Board of Trustee Member. Emily and I readied for Farmers' Market. I bowled with family and friends. Emily and I attended a summer reading program at the library. And, I baked another loaf of Italian Bread and several pies with the fresh black raspberries from our garden.

And while I didn't squeeze a picture book in this week, Emily read one for me titled The Boy Who Loved to Draw. I snagged this out of our library's biography section because Emily likes biographical picture books and she loves to draw much like, Benjamin West, the subject of the book. This book tells the story of how the first world famous American Artist came to be an artist. I love biographical picture books because they combine the beauty of picture books with a tinge of history. This book would be a perfect addition to home school curriculum as well as for kids like mine who just love biographies.

This week I will be getting ready to attend Nerd Camp in Michigan with one of my besties, author Deborah Boerema. This, along with many other summer activities, has made me decide to take a few weeks break from blogging. But don't despair, I will be back some time in August!

Well, that about wraps it up for this week. Join me next week for another exciting episode, same crazy time, same crazy channel. Also be sure to drop by Literacy Musings Mondays for more great blogs as well as my personal website Fun With Aileen where you will find more on reading, writing, and my very own chapter and picture books. And finally, you can find me on twitter @AileenWStewart if you want an extremely brief glimpse into my days.

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