Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Package With Care

It is always interesting to me to receive books in the mail. The thrill of something new to read sends little tingles down my spine as I eagerly rip open the packaging. And speaking of packaging, that brings me to today's topic: Package With Care.

I have received books with many forms of outer wrapping. I have received books in boxes, I have received books in bubble mailers, and I have received many books in plain Manila envelopes. It is the latter form of mailing material that causes me concern. Postal workers, as dedicated as they are, can not control the rigorous journey a book takes as it makes it's way from author to recipient. As a book journeys through a maze of automated shoots and conveyor belts and dumps none too gently into a large bin, it can take a pretty good beating. I have ended up opening my mail box to find books that have arrived in extremely mutilated, ripped, gouged, and generally dilapidated Manila envelopes.

It is my experience that as an author you have spent time, effort, and energy painstakingly writing, proofing, and re-writing your manuscript only to spend more time then you probably care to remember trying to find someone interested in publishing said manuscript. Those of you fortunate enough to find that special party must then go through the whole process of getting your manuscript ready to become a book. Once in book form and lovingly held in your adoring hands, you probably shed a small tear of joy for the work you have produced. So why then, in the name of all that is good, do you mail out your magnificent creation  in paper barely thick enough to line the bottom of your neighbor's bird cage where he keeps his parakeet named Sparky.

I understand that as an author you probably have a a very tight and most likely minuscule budget for marketing, but please take a little pride in your work. Bubble mailers can be purchased in small bulk quantities at almost any major store for under five dollars a pack. You have already come so far as an author, don't spoil your reputation with shoddy packaging.

Signing off for now with wishes for a bright and beautiful day!

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