Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Power of Persistence

The power of persistence is about more then just not giving up. The power of persistence is about not letting a little two letter word like "no" intimidate you. Sure, nobody likes to hear no, especially when it comes to your book. After all, your book is like your child, you gave it life, you nurtured it, and now you are trying to send it out into the world. But no is a word you will hear often in the publishing business. You will be rejected many times when you send out your manuscript; and if you are blessed enough to finally hear a yes we love it, don't think that is the end of hearing no.

When you begin to market your book you will probably hear no over and over again, but don't think of no as a negative. Each time someone tells you no, that just means you have not yet asked the right person. The world is full of billions of people that you have not yet spoken with, people that might just be waiting for what you have to offer. It would be a horrible thing if the very day you decided you had heard no enough and threw in the towel, unbeknown-st to you the next person you would have spoken to would have said yes. So turn no into your own personal motivator, thinking of it as a challenge to be overcome, a wall to be scaled, a channel to be swum across. Eventually if you persist long enough the odds in your favor will increase. Signing off for now with wishes for a bright and beautiful day!


  1. And a bright and sunny it is here in SoCal! Great post Aileen, we can never hear or share this enough!

  2. In order to succeed, one must be willing to fail. If fear of failure is too great, then failure comes before ever starting.